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Wednesday 23 May 12 01:40

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well , i havent blogged in a long time , haha sorry followers :) ive been super busy with things ! im in a pretty good mood right now . other than whores bothering me but its okay .. they can suck it right ? ;) so i think i like this guy .. and he likes me i can tell cause hes said it a bunch .. and i didnt know how to react cause at the time i didnt even think of him that way .. but ive been hanging out with him a lot ! hes a cutie , other than that i made a new friend too , we hated eachother in the beginning over random shit .. but its okay ! :) 
Friday 6 April 12 19:07
okay , so i was looking at the homepage ... and theres this one girl , who i clicked on to creep .. and shes so self centered she doesnt even deserve it .. like all she has is half naked pictures of her self .. not trying to be rude but instead of her being on there showing off her body and saying " reblog if you think im sexy " someone who really wants to be on there should have that chance ! this is just my thoughts , sure shes pretty .... but theres pictures of her gettting high and stuff , this is a blogging site , not a site where 12 year olds who go on here are introduced to drugs ... thats why society is so fucked . just saying . sorry for stating my opinion , but .. yeah . 
so i happen to click top lists and guess who was thereeee !? 
meee <3 yayy ! thanks followers . :D xox
Sunday 1 April 12 20:49
this is the first time blogging , so i dont know what to do at all ; im shelby cole , i live in canada , new brunswick ! i love my friends and i love who i am ! , i might not be the nicest or the prettiest girl , but i sure wanna become famous on piczo like all these other talented people ! i hope i do cause i love the attention from followers ! , i have facebook , twitter , and skyrock . if anyone wants the link to any of those just message me or comment below . :) im 15 years old , born november 14th 1996 , im in grade 9 only cause i failed a year .. not thrilled ! i have a sister and a brother , my brother is in the picture above ! , i like to travel and go to new places .. ive been to south carolina ! which was the most nicest place in the world ive seen EVER . <3 
those are just some pictures of my cousins , my dad and i . it was so pretty there ! i cant wait to go back .